TRT and fertility

  1. TRT and fertility

    I'm 22 and have been on Androgel since I was 19 (test was 430). My test is now ~900. I'm considering HCG to combat the negative effects of Androgel.

    At this point, my #1 priority is being able to have kids down the line. What effects does TRT have on fertility? Do I have a better shot of having kids getting off the gel completely and not going on HCG, or is it better to treat it even though I'm not clinically low, just low-normal?

    Help appreciated guys.

  2. There are studies showing the return of spermatogenesis in individuals on long term TRT with the use of HCG. I'd say there is a good chance you will be fine. Some protocols also use a combination of HCG and HMG.

  3. But is the "safest" route to get off all medication? Or is low T related to infertility also?

  4. This is likely something you should discuss with your physician/endo, however when the time comes that you do want to conceive children you could make changes to your protocol such as dropping the T and adding HCG to improve conception chances.

  5. Quote Originally Posted by solguy View Post
    But is the "safest" route to get off all medication? Or is low T related to infertility also?
    low test is not related to infertaility. My wife became pregnant when my Total T levels were at 223.
    If you come off from androgel, your levels will fall back to the levels before you started TRT. If your sperm count is ok then, you dont need to worry about infertility and HCG



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