Varicocele diagnosis?

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    I also got varioceles, ie dilated veins but they dont show above testicle, but under testicle like a bag of worms (gubernacular veins). Also testicles are smaller and softer than before and they are always tight, not loose hanging. Also they are reddish and warmer than before. 2 years ago i got a kick in the groin which i think messed up the veins causing reflux.

    I literally went into andropause over night, with panic attacks, sweatings and no its not psychosomatic i got my ass kicked several times before and never suffered pshycological trauma, but this time. One thing i notice is that penile glans are affected with low testosterone once i push my levels up to normal, in a month or so they start to look like before ie regrowth of nerves, epithelial. Once i stop it dry out. My first morning reading total testosterone was 400 ng/dl 15? nmol/l. Ive been to a few public urologist but they refuse any testings. Ive been to one endocrinolog and got some LH readings, they were elevated.

    My grandpa is 94 and got 340 ng/dl. My father is 64 has 700 ng/dl and above. Im going to a private clinic this week because public urologists are utterly worthlesss. Only thing that can fix this seems to be money. I really hope there isnt permanent damage after 2-3 years with this ****. Clomid works great pushing levels to normal (feeling ok) no lethargy and little libido, once i stop clomid i go through andropause again with panic attacks, sweating, clinical depression, but i dont want to self medicate for the rest of my life. Problem for me is if they want testing before ie hormonal levels and stuff im probably screwed because of the clomid, i cant afford stopping it, i cant think while off clomid and it ****s up life real quick.

    Now i know how it feels getting old over a night i was 29 at the time, raging libido morning erections energy etc. I live in sweden where testosterone hormonal therapy is in the same league as heroine. Women get estrogen almost routinely when they complain of hot flashes. Im gonna self medicate this **** if it doesnt turn out well, then i probably die in prison.
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