Why Saliva tests do not work

  1. Why Saliva tests do not work

    I just got back from my DR and he agreed my test results from a saliva assay were crazy and irrelevant.

    It turns out the concentration of cortisol (and probably other hormones) is 1000 times greater in blood than in saliva.

    That means that if your gums are bleeding, even minutely, that will dramatically throw off the results.

  2. Very true. Ditto with Testosterone and Estradiol. My blood work vs Saliva results were way off.

  3. Have to completely disagree. I have not seen that professionally or personally. In fact, when I have had both types of labs to compare they have been very similar. I have never heard anything like that related to a minute amount of blood in the saliva.

  4. This came from one of the best thyroid DRs in the country......there is no way my saliva test results could be correct.

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