1. Bitcoins?

    Went to place an order earlier today. Looks as if MA Labs is only accepting Bitcoins now. I was able to use my credit card a few weeks ago. I can't seem to figure out the whole bitcoin payment process. Anyone want to help?


  2. That was helpful to me^

  3. Quote Originally Posted by THOR 70 View Post
    That was helpful to me^
    Thanks, I'll read through it. My Main confusion is the fact my purchase only requires a fraction of a Bitcoin.

  4. Quote Originally Posted by Ape McGrapes View Post
    Thanks, I'll read through it. My Main confusion is the fact my purchase only requires a fraction of a Bitcoin.
    Well that's because one bitcoin could be $1300. So say your purchase is only $130. That is only 1/10 of a bitcoin.

  5. @WesleyInman @Mike Arnold

    Still having trouble purchasing Bitcoins. Any alternative payment options, or anyway you can help me out here?

  6. For anyone running Into similar issues, it seems Mike is taking CC payments through email, after orders have been placed on the MA site. He was nice enough to email me this morning. Here is a snippet from the email.

    "The ONLY way for me to take the customers orders is to let them try to order through the website. This way I have all their contact and order I can contact them through both text and email, which I will do the same day they try to order. It is easy at that point...because they won't have to re-enter any of their information after I contact them....because I will already have it all written down in the email I send them.

    The only reason it took longer to contact you is because we just started taking CC orders manually 2 days ago and I had a whole week's worth of orders to catch up on, but I am all caught up everyone's order will be responded to the same day."

  7. Guys we are still temporarily down

    I got a handful of orders out. I invoiced quite a few people and only half paid within 24 hours. The other half paid 3 days later and the orders could not be taken.

    So I did have to do a few refunds

    I cannot do manual orders at this time

    Please be patient..we are hoping to have an account up and running in the next few days

    Either way MA will be back full steam ahead soon!!!!!!
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  8. @WesleyInman

    Was waiting on an email from you, but I understand the situation. Definitely keep me posted on when we can get this rolling. Get at me on here or over at Swole Source.

  9. Bitcoin guy here - It is a PITA if you aren't setup (and familiar). Current price on 1 BTC is about $4,600. Since it's digital money, you can break it down to 0.0001648364 BTC = $30 (just a made up conversion). Easiest way, IMO, is to download and install the MultiBit application and purchase coins through there. DO NOT download the reference app from - you will need to download the entire blockchain for that one - it's at about 200 Gigs at this point!


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