I need support?

  1. I need support?

    Although I worked out heavily in the past, it is distant past at this point. I have about 4 months solid back at the weights currently and have found dedication and satisfaction has increased with my age.

    I have lurked the forums here and on other sites for about a month and am impressed by the satisfaction people have had with MMV2. I will be cuting for one month beginning 1 August and believe MMV2 will be a good first for me. I have never used supplements in the past beyond protien, aminos, and creatine. I plan to follow the MMV2 with Formadrol Extreme for PCT. What I am wondering though is whether I need support during the cycle. As well, would a stack be wise for my first cycle or should I stick with one supp? As mentioned, I am hoping to cut and although I have no specific fat loss percentage goal in mind, I do want visible results.

    I have lurked and searched for weeks and I ask these question because I do not feel I have found an adequate answer. If I have missed something, advice is more helpful than flaming.

    Here are my stats:

    37 y/o
    approx 16-18% BF
    sedentary aside from 3 days of cardio (running) and 4 days of lifting a week.

    Any other advice is also welcomed.

  2. For what you are looking for i think MMV2 would be great. I always lean up on it no matter what im eating and with no cardio so you should see great results.

    Id stick with just the MMV2 and formadrol extreme for PCT should definately be good enough. MMV2 doesnt shut you down hard so it should be a great cycle for sure.

    You could add in M1D if you wanted, its a great stacked with MMV2.
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  3. I was wondering the same thing. Does one need to worry about cycle support with MMV2?

  4. Quote Originally Posted by Brettwvu View Post
    I was wondering the same thing. Does one need to worry about cycle support with MMV2?
    If you have bad lipid profiles, high bp, etc....Then yea i'd probably use it. If not just save it for PCT. Thats what I'd do.
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