pain in left chest (inside the chest)

  1. pain in left chest (inside the chest)

    After being on mmv2 for 5 days I upped the caps from 4 to 6 a day.
    After being on i-gh-1 for 15 days I upped the caps from 2 to 4a day.
    The left side of my chest has pain when I take a deep breath (inside my chest). I'm just wondering if it's gas or could it be from the supps?
    I also been taking M1D as many days as the i-gh-1 but been taking 6 caps a day from the start the amount I'm taking is the same didn't change that.

  2. Well, it sounds much more like you strained something while working out. Hard to believe a supplement would cause pain while breathing. I would stop using everything until your symptoms clear up, then see a Dr. if you are worried about it. It is possible, which is why I would stop, but highly unlikely.

  3. Pain went away just before going to the gym around 11am this morning. Must of been gas from the soda from the night before. Happened in the past without using supps but I don't drink soda that often so I was just concerned.

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