how do you think this stack will go

  1. how do you think this stack will go


    When stacking is it better to take all your supps at one time or take one set of pills, then another set after say 20 min? Or is taking all the pills at the same time the way to go?

    Methyl 1-D and 1-GH-1...taking it for about 2 weeks now,
    Methyl Masterdrol...started taking it yesterday,
    I plan to post with formadrol.

    I been lifting only during the summers since 1999.
    weight 120lbs.
    height 5-5
    age 34

  2. Hey man, I started a very similar cycle a week and a half ago... MMV2, I-GH-1, and Jungle Warfare and I plan on doing PCT with Formadrol Extreme and Jungle Warfare..

    How is yours working out so far?

  3. Quote Originally Posted by jjdoherty View Post

    When stacking is it better to take all your supps at one time or take one set of pills, then another set after say 20 min? Or is taking all the pills at the same time the way to go?

    Methyl 1-D (split dose morning and night)
    1-GH-1 (at night about 45min after food)
    Methyl Masterdrol (morning and pre-workout)

    I plan to post with formadrol. (Split doses morning and night)
    Week 1: 3-4
    Week 2: 2-3
    Week 3: 1-2
    Week 4: 1 every other day at night if desired.

    I been lifting only during the summers since 1999.
    weight 120lbs.
    height 5-5
    age 34
    There ya go
    Serious Nutrition Solutions Representative

  4. About the methyl masterdrol I lift in the morning so what do you suggest...thanks DW

    Syn...I had been on M1-D and I-gh-1 for about 2 weeks, but just added MMv2 two days I'll update as soon as it kicks in (they say like a week, right?) How is your stack going? How is jungle warfare?

  5. Take it again about 6 hours later
    Serious Nutrition Solutions Representative

  6. I'm pretty sure the MMV2 is kicking in already, I feel much fuller, and I DEFINATELY notice a completely different intensity while lifting. I increased weight on lifts every week, and now I find myself adding more weight than usual with less problem and can workout for longer. I definately feel MMV2 working and I like the results so far. As for some sides- I did notice I'm more moody/aggressive, but I just try to funnel all that into workouts. I also broke out within the first week of taking it, but I'm not sure if that's from MMV2 or the Jungle Warfare. The breakout wasn't too bad, just from obvious changes in the body's chemistry..Jungle Warfare is going good as well, especially in the 'male performance' area. Definite positive changes noticed from both products. Let me know how you're doing with your cycle. ALSO INCREASED APPETITE!! haha I usually take MMv2 one in the AM and then 2 pre-workout. seems to work for me..

    best of luck

  7. Syn do you take all your supps at once or do you wait some time between each one?

  8. Usually I take them at the same time, it shouldn't be a problem, just make sure you have some food in you..

    Here's how I do it:

    breakfast followed by: MMv2 and JW

    lunch followed by: JW

    preworkout I take 2 caps of I-GH-1 and 2 caps of MMv2

    dinner followed by: JW

    4 caps I-GH-1 right before bed. Sleep amazing haha

    So far it has worked fine for me

  9. Syn are you drinking lots of water like it says to do so while taking mmv2, because I wakeup throughout the night to use the bathroom at least 2 times. I'm only been taking 2 caps of I-gh-1, I'm going to up that today to 4 caps before bed.

  10. yea I drink a lot of water during the day, especially during lifting. I don't really find myself 'going' in the middle of the night, maybe because I cut down on some water a little before bed.. Yea no worries on upping the dosage on the I-GH-1.. I have read that some even take 7 right before bed haha.. Have you noticed any differences now that you've started the cycle yet?

  11. I did notice that I don't have as much patience as I did before, but not like I'm going crazy or anything. But workout wise I was waking up to my alarm clock and going to the gym around 8am, now I'm waking up on my own about an hour later and I'm at the gym around 9am (I seem a little stronger, more energy) I'm going to keep this routine up and see what happens over the next couple weeks. I upped the 2 caps to 3 caps of mmv2 today so I'm excited to see how that will affect me as well as upping the i-gh-1 from 2 to 4 caps. I will be in the gym in the morning so we'll see...

  12. I upped the caps from 4 to 6 a day of mmv2 and 2 to 4 caps of i-gh1 a day (just started that yesterday) the left side of my chest has pain when I take a deep breath (inside my chest). I'm just wondering if it's gas or could it be from the supps. I also been taking M1D the amount I'm taking is the same didn't change that.

  13. I'm about to run out of m1d (bottle only lasted three weeks) should I buy another bottle to get 3 more weeks out of this stack (stack info above)...or would it shock my system if I changed to another supp and add that to what I'm taking now? OR would it hurt to do that. Also if so what do you guys suggest would be best switch to during this cycle?

  14. hmm I'm not sure about the switching/adding something in your stack.. Never have done that before or really thought about it haha sorry that I can't help out there...

    I didn't really get any pain, except once it felt like insane stomach pain for about 20 minutes, possibly because I took 2 caps of MMv2 preworkout on a fairly empty stomach (rarely do that haha)

    But glad to hear it's all going well for you.. I'm definately still noticing the weights going up.. DL and Squat go up a steady 20 lbs a week, no problem. better sets, not as tired.


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