Formadrol PCT dosages

  1. Formadrol PCT dosages

    How many caps a day would be recommended for myself, 218lbs, to take for a PCT of MMV2?

    I'll be dosing 6 caps/day of the MMV2.


  2. I'd typically run a 4 wk PCT, ramped down as follows.

    Week 1: 4 caps/day
    Week 2: 3 caps/day
    Week 3: 2 caps/day
    Week 4: 1 caps/day

    I've also seen some people that ran it 4/4/2/2, but thats personal preference. I am a fan of ramp down protocols myself.

  3. I agree with Nabisco. The ramp down looks really good. Seems suitable for the proposed cycle.

  4. Sounds good, thanks guys.

    I ordered two bottles to go along with the MMV2.

    Looking forward to adding this to my cut.

  5. I use

    works great for me.

    Formadrol is awesome!



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