1. pSARM?

    I haven't seen a write up on that so maybe you guys can help with some guidance on it a pretty safe supplement because everyone says to stay away from everything in that prohormorne category because i'm only 23, my body still produces a lot of T and the risks to the liver kidneys blah blah blah is so is psarm pretty safe but still effective when it comes to that...and also your site says to take with formadrol that stacked or post cycle? Thanks...

  2. pSARM is not a prohormone, nor is it factored in that category. A lot of people have stacked it with Formadrol Xtreme as a very beneficial combination, but its not required. And you don't need a PCT for pSARM. One thing I'll mention is to start your dosing low and move up gradually on pSARM. Some people have mentioned nausea with larger doses in the beginning.

    So in short, pSARM is safe and effective, which I believe matches your criteria. Good luck.

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