methyl 1-d stacking question

  1. methyl 1-d stacking question

    I'm on my 8th day of a 6 week creatine cycle but just bought some methyl 1-d... Can i begin taking the methyl 1-d along with the creatine? Are they safe together or any concerns with that stack?

    Also the label doesnt say anything about when to take the 1-d... Should i take it with food or on an empty stomach or what?

  2. o nevermind it says 35 mins before meals... but i still want to know about the creatine?

  3. Taking M1D in conjunction with creatine will have no adverse affects on your body. They don't really interact as both are working through different pathways in your body. Creatine converts to ATP for added fuel in your muscles, where as M1D is a prohormone. If you plan to run M1D understand that it is a prohormone and therefore I'd recommend at a minimum that you run some form of post cycle therapy. LG's Formadrol Xtreme is a solid choice, but there are plenty of choices out there.

    Here's a solid link on creatine to answer any further questions you may have about it. Creatine Monohydrate : Creatine Supplement Facts, Side Effects and Benefits

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