Thanks LG!

  1. Thanks LG!

    So I recently posted on a thread concerning Formadrol, and I was asked what cycle I had been on.

    I have just finished my first M1D MMV2 cycle, and I am one week into the PCT of Formadrol.

    My first reaction was: HOLY S*** this stuff works. I wish I had foresight to have taken before and after pictures, but alas it's gonna have to wait until next time. I think I'll be keeping a log of my entire cycle next time around after seeing the results of this one.

    My body weight went from 181 to 188 (as of today). My pants are loose at the waist and my shirts are tight around the chest, Which is exactly what I was going for. I wasn't planning on gaining a lot on the scale, but I gained a lot in the mirror and in strength. A lot of people at the gym have asked me if I went to the dark side. My squats went from 225 for 8 reps to 265 for 8 (I know, I know, I gotta keep working on these damn wheels), my bench went from (225 x4 reps) to (225x10) reps, but the craziest thing was my deadlift went from (315 x2 reps) all the way to my personal best last week (405 x1 rep). I finally joined the 400 club, which may not seem like a huge lift for most of you, but I was really stoked.

    I haven't felt any loss of strength yet being off the cycle, nor has my libido had any loss, nor has there been any gyno or acne from the cycle. I am now on Formadrol and Receptor for my PCT. Feelin' Great. I have a doctors appt in a week to get my test levels checked (just in case I need to use the PCT for longer, or get a prescription PCT (doubtful))

    My hat is off to you LG, it was a helluva ride. I am planning to cycle again in a few months, and you all can be sure that I will be here with a full training/diet log of my work. Thank you for a product that gave me great results without the negative side effects that have made me wary of trying any anabolics until now. Like I said, my first reaction was "HOLY S*** this stuff works!" and my final decision is "HOLY S*** this stuff works!"

    I am probably going to be cutting all the way into summer, I suppose I should start a log of that once I get off my PCT.

  2. Doh!:

    I forgot to mention I am also on Receptor along with Formadrol for my PCT. My bad.

  3. Awesome bro! Thanks for the insight on your cycle! We love to here things like these!
    E-Pharm Rep... PM me with any questions or concerns

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