1. Question........

    I'm thinking about getting formaldrol by LG

    To help increase my muscles, I work in a coca cola ware house 4 days a week... that way itd make it easier. 10 hour shifts of nothing but throwing coke.

    I read that it causes erections.. or do u have to use psarm and formadrol together

    i would'nt mind that extra feature cause on my days off my wife goes crazy and i want to be able to keep up.

    thanks dudes and dudettes

  2. Formadrol is a potent testosterone booster, so would it give you the added benefits you are looking for? If you're training and eating right sure. Will it make you stronger if all you do is add it to your daily life and keep tossing boxes around? A little bit. But it's not going to make you huge if you're not training. I hope that answered your question and that I didn't misunderstand your post.

  3. You do not need a PCT or a Psarm for Formadrol, it itself is a pct. Basically Formadrol is an AI (aromitase inhibitor) which means it blocks your estrogen from being received by the receptors in your body. This makes your natural testosterone increase. It isn't gonna really give you a ton of energy at work, definately some increased aggression, but is that what you really want at work? You will definitely feel a change in your sex drive, especially the first time taking it. Your "workout" with the Coke sounds like a long drawn out workout, rather than a one hour "get in and get out" bodybuilder workout. The test will help your strength, but it really comes down to proper nutrition. I would say eating A LOT of good carbs is what you need for your 10 hour coke throwing sessions. Testosterone will help, but nothing replaces eating big.

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