LipoBurn Question

  1. LipoBurn Question

    Does lipoburn cause water retention on the applied areas? I got a bottle and plan on using it before summer and was curious what to expect.
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  2. I think that would kind of defeat the purpose? Might want to hit Eric with that, but as far as I know it will not cause this at all. My GF is using it right now and loving it!

  3. How does this compare with Napalm? I love me topicals!!

  4. Lipoburn will not cause water retention and if i remember correctly the Theophylline in it will act as a type of diuretic if one were to hold water from another fat burner. I may be wrong but i know my gf has used it and i have used it and it works great.

    C i love napalm, but i also love lipoburn. Lipoburn allows you to make it more of a custom concoction. It still has glycyrrhetinic acid in it, add in some yohimbe and some rasperry ketones or something, be an awesome stack!
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  5. So i had to put an order into nutraplanet anyways, so I order 10 grams raspberry k and 1 gram yohimbe. Could you guys give me some advice on how to mix this stuff into the lipoburn. Like should i heat the lipoburn up in a some warm water. etc.

    I have to agree with crader, I really like the ideal of topicals, It must be nice having all the atomic meltdown you want lol
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  6. yeah, heat the lipoburn, and if you want to be ultra sneaky you can dissolve the RK in some rubbing alchohol first to make the whole thing easier. I got I think around 5-6g of RKs into solution in about 15-20ml of rubbing alchohol.

  7. Thanks easy. I am shooting for about 5g of raspberry k total in the mix. so this should work perfectly.
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  8. just use a dropper or something to slowly add the alchohol, so you minimize what you add (so it doesn't affect the consistency of the lipoburn)

  9. pmiller how many gr of RK are in a 1/4 teaspoon?

    I have some RK's and was going to add some to my lipoBURN a few weeks ago but just havent found the correct amount per 1/4t
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  10. When my nutraplanet order comes in I will weight it out for you distilled. Dsade would probably know though,
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