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    yeah i understand what your saying.. i picked up a couple bottles of hyperdrol, mass fx, retain 2 and x factor. hopefully ill get some good gains. And at 6-2 220 playing college ball i am a pretty small guy, 2 inches and 25 pounds smaller than i should be for my position. Football does still require skill but if your body cant take hits and make big hits and plays youll never survive four months of football
    Good choice on going non-hormonal at your age bro!

  2. Ive been lifting for four years and i know for a fact u cant gain 8-10 pounds of muscle in 129 days without some help.
    Umm, at your age, you can...that shouldn't be very hard to do man.

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    Umm, at your age, you can...that shouldn't be very hard to do man.
    Hell I am a few years older than you and I could do it EASILY. Most of it would be LBM as well. Don't be discouraged my friend!

  4. whats LBM?

  5. Quote Originally Posted by pavb10 View Post
    whats LBM?
    Lean Body Mass, boss.

  6. thanks

  7. shyat I have put like 2lbs lbm a month no prob add in some extra carbs and a couple of points to bf% as long as u don't mind and u can pack on some meaningful size for real.

  8. yeah i dont wana add bf. but ive already put on 2 pounds in 5 days

  9. well u just added some but I wouldn't sweat that, ur a athlete.:burg:


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