Mmv2 Log

  1. Mmv2 Log

    alright since there arent that many logs out yet for the new Methyl Masterdrol i decided i should do my part and log it. i have 2 bottles of 135 caps and not quit sure on dosing right now but for now i feel this is how im going to go with it.

    [week 1] - 4 caps
    [week 2] - 5 caps
    [week 3] - 6 caps
    [week 4] - 6 caps
    [week 5] - 6 caps
    [week 6] - 6 caps

    Current stats:
    bf% 16(cleaning the diet up as we speak)
    box squat-393
    box jump 41' and 24inch box jump PR of 80lbs
    10yrd dash 1.93 (BAD for a linebacker

    my goals is to basicly gain LBM drop a some fat while getting alot more stronger.

    My split is 7 days with a mixture of westside barbell Principles and ideas mixed with the Charlie Francis training system (sprint coach)

    MONDAY- session 1 - Speed training 95-100%
    session 2 - Max Effort Squat/Deadlift

    TUESDAY- Session 1 -Tempo sprints <75% and lower over 1,000yrds
    session 2 Repetition Upper Body/DE Upper Body

    WEDNESDAY - off

    THURSDAY Session 1 - Speed and agility (95-100%)
    Session 2 - Dynamic Squat

    FRIDAY - Tempo <75% @ 1,000yrds +

    SATURDAY Session 1 - Speed (95-100%)
    Session 2 MaxEffort Bench


  2. Oh and today 2-27-08 is day 3 of 4 caps. seem kind of focused the other day doing my upper work out, anyways heres my work outs from monday and tuesday

    Monday Session 1
    sprints at >95% 10 sets of 10 yrds, 5 of 30 yrds full recovery for these sprints so one minute for every 10yrds so the 30yrds were 3 minutes rests. got a few 10's times at 1.93 and a few more at 2.2-2.3 range hopefully its from being deconditioned and not because im really this slow...

    Session 2 ME SQUAT

    Box squat to parallel
    393x1 -PR

    KB Lunges 25/30/30 all 8 reps, easy though
    Glute Ham Raise bodyweightx10, 10lbsx10, 25lbsx10
    KB sit ups 4x8 15/30/40/40

    Tuesday Tempo Runs <75% 10x100 30-90 sec rest
    RE Upper
    DB Incline
    75x8 -up 2 reps...wanted to go 80-85 but i was in the schools gym tonight n they stop at 75 haahh

    Tate press 30x10 35x10 35x10
    db skull crushers 3x10x30
    pretty low key gay workout not being at my real gym, but a PR with the incline was nice, next week i have 80s-85s in me because the 75s felt way too light

  3. Im in! I look forward to your progress!
    E-Pharm Rep... PM me with any questions or concerns

  4. Post this in the supplement review/log section. Should get a lot more traffic and exposure. Looking forward to seeing how this works for you.
    ~ Nothing can kill the Grimace!!

  5. hey thanks, i'll get to it after this post

  6. Day 4 -4 caps

    ok so today was pretty impressive with 2 great PRs

    Session 1 Speed/agility 95-100%
    agility ladder, 10 sets, 5 different patterns
    10x 10yrds timed the 1st one and 10th one and recorded 1.81 and 1.75 which is a PR from 1.93
    5x20yrds timed at 3.15

    Session 2 Dynamic Squat
    Box Squat8x2 @ 221lbs +light bands (adds about 70-80lbs of tension)

    24 in. Box Jumps
    40lbs x 3
    60 x 3
    80x 1
    85 x 1 pr
    95 x 1 pr
    105 x 1 pr
    115 x 1 pr

    Reverse Hyper ext
    130x8 PR

    Abs 4x10


    Not a Bad day at all! Feeling real focused, real enegetic (prolly the Yohimbie) but also feeling real strong. Vascularity is creeping out more than it usually does so that pretty cool to watch, especially when veins in my arms usually dont pop out when I sprint but now they do...odd but hey I'll take it.

    A few more things to add is im going to check body weight once a week (sundays) and im not going to take my bodyfat % till the end of week 6 and the day after post cycle therapy is complete

    also recap on PR's today... 35lb PR in the box jump, Dropping 0.18 from my 10yrd and 10lbs in my Reverse hyper

  7. ok and with that, can someone help me? I dont know how to move the Thread

  8. Quote Originally Posted by danman123 View Post
    ok and with that, can someone help me? I dont know how to move the Thread
    A mod can probably move the thread, or if you want you can cut/paste your entrys into a new thread in the supplement review section and start updating it there.
    ~ Nothing can kill the Grimace!!

  9. Mmv2 Log

    New thread now in the Supplement Review section so I can get more people to chime in

  10. Nice Man!...Keep us posted! Good luck!!


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