more potent psarm of new masterdrol x-plo

  1. more potent psarm or new masterdrol x-plo

    With all other factors being equal which product is more potent as far as altering body composition. anecdotal or theoretical answer either would be fine...

    If the owner/reps could only take one, which one?

  2. Are you talking about the new Methyl Masterdrol V2 vs. P-Sarm?
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  3. correct

  4. probably MMv2, but pSARM is really good. I am taking it now and I really like it. We are doing a contest to log a few bottles...

  5. Comparing actual steroids to herbals is not really fair IMO. Nothing puts on the explosive growth that AAS can but you also pay for it in other ways. Herbals are nice because you can stay on them pretty much year round for a boost in lbm or whatever without worrying about murdering your endocrine system.

  6. I think pSARM will shock you actually. I love the stuff! It seems to really harden and cut you up. I am just starting it. It is similar to the methyl 1-D CA product from our sister company L-Gear.

  7. Yea I have yet to try either but from looking at the science behind it I'd give to the edge to MMV2. Although if your looking to benifits without the sides, i guess you could call them, that bioman was talking about P-Sarm would be the way to go IMO. I'll be throwing P-Sarm into the stack on wed

    Would you like me to PM you the link evan?
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