Well that sucked...finals are over

  1. Well that sucked...finals are over

    Finals for law school are over, so I can finally focus on getting things moved forward.

    To catch everyone up to speed. We have a new parent company that has some different ownership, thus giving more flexibility.

    New products:

    1) 6-Mass tablets for the US - currently only in Australia as a liquid, we will be bringing out the 6-Mass product and most likely the 1,4 OHP products to the US market in the form of tablets.

    2) Wyked rebranded - EPIC Powder...I love Wyked, my only issue is that without DMAA I am not sure what to replace it with. I have a couple of candidates, but nothing I am finding too compelling yet.

    3) Rerelease of Natadrol - Same formula which everyone loves just in higher dosed tablets (this will be out in 1-2 weeks). I was going to reformulate, but to be honest everyone liked the old formula so why fix what isn't broken!

    Upcoming projects where I need help:

    Ok, time to see who's interested in a couple of projects:

    1) Design a penis pill. We are getting a lot of call for this and I guess we should make one. I am just not sure what to put in it. You have to keep in mind we will be competing against the myriad of people who "accidentally" spike their products until the FDA catches wind and these totally surprised companies are forced to do a recall. Those slimy Chinese suppliers are sneaking in Viagra to their herbs without the companies knowledge...yeah sure they are.

  2. I am excited to see this news. Some PH tabs/caps would be awesome as some people simply do not like liquids despite their advantages.
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