Need advice on how to take the LG Sciences PH, MASS ANDRO STACK

  1. Need advice on how to take the LG Sciences PH, MASS ANDRO STACK

    27 year old male 5'10 200lbs, been lifting for about 7 years, first time using PH's. Got the kit while on a rotation overseas for work and am not sure how to take the stack properly and the instructions aren't very helpful nor can I find anything on the forum's or through Google searches on the best way/proper way to maximize results, and when to start using the PCT.

    The kit includes the following:

    2 x LG Sciences: LIQUID M1D ANDRO
    1 x Advanced Muscle Science: Decavol RDe Chrome 60 Caps
    1 x Advanced Muscle Science: 1-Andro RDe Chrome 60 Tabs
    2 x Taurus Nutrition: M1P
    2 x LG Sciences: Liquid FORM-XT

    All bottles have directions but after reading multiple articles it just doesn't have a good layout or log yet on the products. Was hoping someone could give me a solid schedule (baseline) for taking these. When to start them (all right away minus the Form-XT or start the M1D and then a week later the caps/tabs), *I've read people doing M1D and then a week later adding the 1-Andro, and various other situations but nothing with logs or anything*, what to stack with them and when, and when and what to use for PCT (if anything else is needed)

    Really excited to put this stuff to use but want to get the best results and not do any damage to my body.

    Thank you,

  2. Ok, now I for one (this is just my opinion) and I would do this:

    Week 1: Start with the M1D (liquid)
    Week 2: With the M1D (Liquid), add in the AMS Decavol
    Week 5: DO THE Liquid Form X-T and the M1P
    Week 9: M1D again
    Week 10: AMS 1 Andro
    Week 14: Form XT again and the M1P

    THIS WAY, you get about 3 months of PH usage, PLUS you have the PCT and Anti-Aromatase inhibitor.


    You could do a run like I have set up for the first 5 weeks, do the FORM XT PCT setup take a break for a month and see how you feel and then run the second half that I made up.

    Its all up to you. THIS WAY you play it safe and see how your body reacts.
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