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  1. It's exactly the same as PH 17 in the U.S

    Liquid formadrol or form x is better pct than beast super test !!!

  2. Quote Originally Posted by AEK View Post
    It's exactly the same as PH 17 in the U.S

    Liquid formadrol or form x is better pct than beast super test !!!
    This, add some DAA if you like it, I personally respond really well, and you are set.
    LG Sciences/Legal Gear Rep
    Nothing I state is medical advice and is for informational purposes only.

  3. Hi I'm new here anyway.

    I bought OH-C21 from wicked nrg In Darwin, Aus today,

    Washed my hair tonight right, look at my hands and there is about 10 individual hairs on my hands...

    Is this product known for hair loss and how bad?

    I'm running DAA with it.

  4. How come with this Australian version(oh-c21) only doses 1.5ml 3 times a day and the US versions dose 4 times daily 1.5ml?

    Is the Australian version(oh-c21) stronger or does it contain something extra? Should it really be dosed 4 times daily?

  5. I'm not sure mate, but I've been on glucosamine forever.. And my left knee, right wrist, finger joints both elbows all are in pain...

    I stopped after one day and had estrogen blockers which I've been taking for a week prior..

    Wtf is in it?

  6. Any side effects like gyno?? Or liver problem

  7. Oh-c21 and 6-mass are non methylated which no liver toxicity !
  8. Wat about gyno

    Gyno problems??

  9. hey guys i just got my hands on a bottle of mass 6 and oh-c21. How should i cyclce them at the same time? and for the same amount of times too? and would just form x be an ok pct if i cycle both bottles ?
  10. Ohc21 is for cutting.. 6 Mass for bulking

    Form xt would be fine


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