Happy New Yrs

  1. Happy New Yrs

    Whats everyone have on their agenda for 2013? im moving today.. so much for a fun way to kick off the new yr.

  2. Getting married in June. As for today, trying to kick a sore throat before I go back to work tomorrow.
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  3. advancement in my business, less financial stress, more family time, take my physique to xR1pp3Rx's level
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  4. Take my class at the 2013 NPC Washington State Iron Man...

  5. Good stuff I'm here.
    Moving sux.

    My goal for 2013...

    Burn more bodyfat, ride my motorcycle more, enjoy not being "single", had out more, enjoy life, spend more time with family and friends...

    Enjoy working out and quick stressing every little detail and to spend less time in the gym than I did last year.

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  6. Get my life on the "right path"

    Continue to mature / grow mentally and physically!

    Hopefully.....actually my biggest wish is for me to meet some "real" friends. Where I live...the people here tend to only care about partying and they have no intention for any success in their lives.

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