WHATS UP GUYS? Little Intro...

  1. WHATS UP GUYS? Little Intro...

    Whats up guys!?

    I wanted to open myself up and introduce myself to everybody! Iím a competitive bodybuilder, certified personal trainer, supplement enthusiast, obsessive-compulsive nutrition nut and basically a meathead/ gymrat! Iím very knowledgeable in bodybuilding culture and the health and fitness world. By no means am I an expert but Iíd say well educated and diverse in industry related mumbo jumbo.I work for LG Sciences and couldnít be more excited to be a part of such an innovative company. Were currently bringing some very exciting products to the market that I feel everybody will love! Anyways Iím new to this forum and wanted everybody to know who I am. Anybody wants to reply or pm me and say ďhelloĒ or have any questions at all please let me know. I'll do my best to keep you update with the what were doing at LG Sciences. I also have my FB listed on my profile that I constantly update.
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  2. Welcome to am Big Mike

  3. Welcome to the community!
    Ego will get you nowhere if you allow it to serve as your navigator.

  4. Welcome...!!!

  5. WELCOME!!! :-)
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