MMv3 Review

  1. MMv3 Review

    I've been taking the MMv3 tablets now for 14 days and am really starting to like this stuff. I'm taking the tablets and my only complaints are that they take too long to dissolve and leaves a nasty taste in my mouth. I'm taking only 3 a day split up throughout the day. I'm not noticing any size gains or fat loss but the strength increase is definitely there. Im also not trying to cut or bulk as my main goals are to increase strength. I'll try and keep updating here with any more strength increases I notice until I finish the cycle.

    Strength Gains

    Incline Bench
    Personal Best - 285x2 Start of the cycle - 275x1 Day 14 - 305x1

    1 Arm DB Rows
    Personal Best 150 x 2 (no straps) Day 8 - 150 x 10 (used straps)

    Squat - I don't go too heavy on squats anymore, there's been a couple times I've felt like a tear in my left quad during some of my warm up sets. I now make sure I squat slow and keep my form tight.

    Start of Cycle - 335x3 Day 11 365x3

    Wide Grip Lat Pulldowns
    Personal Best 250 (whole stack) x 10 Day 8 - 250 (whole stack) x 15

    Seated BB Shoulder Press
    Personal Best - 185x1 Day 7 - 185x5

  2. Nice shet bro nice strength increase keep pushing

  3. Quote Originally Posted by JR.99 View Post
    Nice shet bro nice strength increase keep pushing
    Thanks bro.

  4. Day 17 - legs I set another PR today here's how it went.

    hip adductors ss hip abductors4 x 20 with no rest basically 1 giant set

    Lying leg curls
    4 x 10

    Leg extensions
    4 x 10

    95 x 5
    135 x 5
    185 x 5
    225 x 5
    275 x 5
    325 x 5
    345 x 5
    375 x 3
    395 x 3 PR

    Leg press
    2 45s x 10
    6 45s x 10
    10 45s x 10
    14 45s x 10
    18 45s x 10
    20 45s x 10. - there was no more room to add any more plates
    Legs were extremely pumped

    Smith machine lunges
    4 sets of 95 x 10 each leg

    I finished off with 4 x 20 on calve extensions and 4 x 20 on calve raises

  5. holy fukles.. thats a big leg day!!! good work man!
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  6. Day 23 Chest / Triceps

    Had another great workout and hit a new PR. Here's how it went.

    Warm Up
    Pec Dec Machine

    Incline Bench
    315x2 PR! had a little help on second rep, the first one was all me

    Decline DB Bench
    40s x 10
    60s x 10
    80s x 5
    100s x 5
    120s x 5

    Incline Smith Machine

    Hammer Strength Seated Press - my shoulder started to bother me so I took it easy on these

    Tricep Cable Pressdowns
    190x10 (whole stack)
    235x10 - added a 45lb plate to the stack

    Overhead Cable Rope Extensions

    I finished off with some abs work

  7. dayum! nice volume and weight!
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  8. Looks great man! Keep it up
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  9. Subbed. Im using this as well.. noticed strength and alpha mentality which I love!
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  10. Good stuff man!!
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