Question about M1d Black +MMV3 8 week cycle

  1. Wink Question about M1d Black +MMV3 8 week cycle

    So how many bottles of m1d black+mmv3 would be needed for a 8 week cycle ? And from what i've read one bottle of form-x would be sufficient for 3-4 weeks of PCT(Also might throw in a bottle t-911 just to be safe).. IF this has been asked before my apologizes, been looking around and have been getting different answers so trying to cover all bases!

  2. you would want 4 bottles of M1db and a minimum of 2 mmv3.s one bottle of formX should be fine. and t911 could be used either during the entire run or just durring the PCT your choice.
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  3. I'm running M1D black for 8 weeks @ 6 caps a day which is 3 bottles but I'm also using 11 ketotestosterone weeks 5-8 as well

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