LG Theory Of Androgens

  1. LG Theory Of Androgens

    A little different spin on things. Again, this is an evolving science, so this is what I believe to be true at the time of posting...things can and do change and theories evolve...remember that!

    People often ask what is the difference between our prohormone products and why do you stack them?

    Of course everything depends on diet and exercise. Don't even consider any supplements unless you have the proper motivation to have a decent diet and exercise really hard.

    No one 100% understands how hormones increase muscle mass, strength and size. There is some basic understanding, but all of the pathways and routes to metabolism are not fully mapped. Many people notice that a certain prohormone or steroid affects them one way while it may have a slightly different effect in someone else. Also, there is a belief that "stacking" prohormones helps increase the overall potency of the effect in a 1+1=3 configuration.

    People have noticed that stacking tends to amplify their results. Taking 4 pills of M1-D Black may have a certain effect on your body and you may benefit from moving up to the full dose of 8 pills or you may be better off stacking the M1D Black with another one of our prohormones like MMv3 or PH17 to take advantage of the 1+1=3 effect.

    Since every body is different, only you will know what is best for you. It is our belief that there are 3 classes of steroids:

    Class A Androgens: there are compounds that are considered "wet" which I will call the Class A androgens. Class A androgens typically are used in bulking cycles. These androgens can convert to estrogen at different rates but they can convert to estrogen, which makes them considered "wet". Estrogen is not all evil, it is important for health as long as you don't have an excess of it from chemicals in our environment or extra fat tissue that converts more androgens to estrogens (1). Wet prohormones make for a much easier cycle that has less side effects. A little estrogen on cycle relieves high blood pressure, cramping and may increase strength and stamina. Illegal steroids like D-Bol (methyl-1,4-diene), Testosterone (4-ene), Equipoise (1,4-diene), Methyl Testosterone (methyl-4-ene), Deca/Nandrolone (19Nor-4-ene) and Sustanon (4-ene esters) are all Class A.

    Class B Androgens: "dry" compounds can not convert to estrogen and reduce estrogen by reducing the Class A androgens and also by blocking aromatase in many cases. Class B androgens typically increase strength and lean mass. They are typically part of cutting cycles because they reduce "water" weight, bloat and may potentially burn fat. Illegal steroids that are Class B are: Masteron (5areduced), primobolan (1-ene), Halotestin (flouro-5areduced), Superdrol (dimethyl-5a-reduced), Anavar (oxy-5a-reduced), Proviron (methyl-5a-reduced) and Trenbolone (19Nor-4,9,11-triene) which is sort of in it's own class, but for ease I will group it into Class B.

    Class C Androgens: these androgens seem to have different effects than the class A and class B androgens above. They typically don't convert to estrogen, but they also aren't dry like the class B androgens. These are the "oddball" that have effects that are different from what their structure suggests. These are good alone or stacked because they are believed to work as androgens and also via non-standard pathways. Illegal Class C androgens are: Anadrol 50 and Winstrol. These androgens are decent on their own but seem to supercharge other steroids (very popular are Tren/Test, Winstrol/Test, Anadrol/Deca). Class C tend to add more lean mass to a cycle and increase strength.

    The Best Cycle Seems to be a stack of Class A, Class B and Class C steroids, but that can be expensive, so many people stick with this blend:

    Balls Out Cycle - Class A + Class B + Class C = Mass + Strength + Cutting
    Bulking Stack - Class A + Class C = Mass + Strength
    Cutting Stack - Class B + Class C = Cutting + Strength
    Bulking Cycle - Any Class A = Mass
    Cutting Cycle - Any Class B = Cutting
    Low Side Effects Cycle - Class C = Lean Mass With Potentially Less Side Effects

  2. Nice!
    Athletic Xtreme Team REP

  3. cool guide! thanks for taking the time to make this

  4. Thanks do the guides fun to read

  5. Thanks for the guide fun to read

  6. now lets discuss how to use GH potentiators/ peptides / others can be used to enhance success.
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  7. Are u guys doing anything with GHenerate

  8. Nice read LG.
    Hardcore Purus Labs {Rep}
    Lift the fücking weight from the floor, or leave it on the ground. The thoughts are supposed to be daunting. The pain is meant to be tormenting.

  9. Ghenerage may see a refresh in the near future. It was one of the best products we have ever made but it never got the respect it deserved. Great data on it and study results.

  10. Ghenerate was underrated. It made me aggressive as hell. But didn't help me sleep at all.
    Athletic Xtreme Team REP

  11. Yeah it been a staple for me 2 month on couple weeks off true story my lady loves me using it because all the supped I get an urge in the middle of the night and I go at it happends randomly I also get agressive pre workout

  12. i would like to discuss the correlation to growth induced from elevated gh/igh-1 in the prescence of exogenous androgen levels. do you have any insider info you would like to share mrLG? personally i have always noticed a much better strength of action with PHs when combined with l-dopa and other GH potentiators. in particularly hemogex. that stuff is amazing. expensive but amazing.
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  13. Well there seems to be no doubt that androgens plus gh do more than androgens alone. I did research this in the past but I would have to refresh my memory.


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