PCT. Liquid t911, erase, novaldex

  1. PCT. Liquid t911, erase, novaldex

    I just came off a 6 week cycle of Turinabol and now I am on my pct. For my pct I am running 1ml of liquid novaldex and 1ml of liquid T-911 from LG Sciences twice a day and taking Erase by PEScience 3 times a day. I am planning on keeping a blog for my pct and all my stats and diet plan. As for my diet I am thinking about intermittenly dieting to try and cut some body fat. I'm 5'7 200 lbs around 11% body fat. I will be posting pics soon.

  2. 1ml of novaldex once a day. t911 twice a day and erase 3 times

  3. Sounds good man, could you create a thread in the log section with this?

  4. i sure can. where is the log thread at?

  5. Start a new thread in this section brother. Be sure to post the link in here though!


  6. are you trying to cut during pct?
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  7. I think he is trying for weight loss the whole time??? Not sure though.

  8. well my thread was a fail. i have been way too busy with school and work. but i was running all of that to try to rid of my puffy nipples. i have what i believe was the "test watery nipples" where my nipples were a little puffy and when i get really cold or hot they contract and look normal. but a few days ago my right nipple has flarred up almost as if its an allergic reaction. if i barely touch my right nipple its sore where as i was have to press hard on my nipples to feel any soreness. a few days ago i order 4 bags of letro and plan on running letro because i think i feel a small lump on the side of my right nipple. if i could get a few thoughts on this i would appreciate it and HVACTECH im pretty sure ive met you before. i went up to your gym and bought those 2 bottles of FinaFlex 550XD awhile back.

  9. this PCT plan was poorly designed. not sure who told u to do this. i would think you would have been best off running nolva only. then on the third week a SMALL dose of AI tapered down afterwards. the liquid t911 IMO isnt the best option for PCT. follow the known protocols for the letro and follow it to the letter.. FFS man.. quit playin with your titties! your making it worse.

  10. haha yeah my pct was pretty bad. i tried what i thought would have helped. i ran the nolva by itself and it got rid of the soreness but now im pretty sure i have a small lump on my right now. my letro should come in today. i ordered 160 pills at .5g. i want to taper up .5/1/1.5/2/2.5 then come back down. any thoughts ?

  11. is that the most common doseing protocol you have found? ask around on PHF too.. lots of good knowlegable guys over there too.


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