Email from LG

  1. Email from LG

    I got a promotional email from LG Sciences saying -"Limited Time Only! Get a Free LG Sciences Form-X". The funny thing is it linked me to site where it was buy T911 and get free Form-X and it was out of stock. I clicked on it when I received the email. It wasn't like I got the email when my email application was closed. I actually saw the email arrive and clicked on it. Just kind of funny when they send out an email promoting something that isn't even in stock. Who knows?. I might have even ordered it if it was in stock but now...I don't think so. Irritating is all.

  2. That's........ weird. I got an email like that a couple weeks ago, and the products were in stock. If you just received that particular e-mail it may have been an error and delayed. Hence the reason it's bugged/no longer in stock.

    I apologize for that, i know how irritating that is. Iirc there are a couple places that do have BOGO with FormX currently stocked.

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