Just finished cycle of Natadrol

  1. Just finished cycle of Natadrol

    I just finished about 5 weeks of Natadrol(only had 2 bottles). I started on 11/2 and finished today 12/8. The last two weeks were at 8 caps a day. Overall I have been pretty happy with these past few weeks, next time I'll run it at 8 caps throughout for about 8 weeks. For PCT, I have a bottle of T911. Should I take 3 a day for the entire bottle or do I taper down the last couple of weeks?

    Here's a quick review. Hoping to run M1D a couple months after I'm done with PCT.

    DB Shoulder Press: 3x90s
    Squat: 4x315
    Seated Chest Press: 5x250(whole stack)

    DB Shoulder Press: 4x100s
    Squat: 10x315, 1x365 - this was easy and could have probably done about 3 reps
    Seated Chest Press: 20x250(whole stack)

    High Blood Pressure? -There were 2 days at about the start of the second week where I felt like a strange headache that lasted for a few hours. I was taking Hawthorn Berry throughout this cycle.
    Chest Discomfort - I did feel some slight discomfort on my right chest, I dont see or feel any lumps and it seems to have gone away so not sure what that was.

  2. Good stuff man, 8 caps daily of Natadrol really is the way to go, but it kinda means you have to buy 3 bottles. That's do-able now that prices have gone down so much on it. As far as the T-911 goes i'd run the recommended dosage all the way through, no need to taper. Some freaking nice gains on your big lifts. The one time i've run Natadrol i did it on a cut, and my lifts maintained while some even went up. It really is a pretty decent product if you use it correctly.

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