Trifecta / SubSterone question

  1. Trifecta / SubSterone question

    Hi, this is my first post. Been lurking for a while now though just reading. Started the Trifecta stack 4 weeks ago, but I bought a second bottle of M1D and so far Ive run:

    (daily doses)
    week 1: 4 ea. M1D and MMV3
    week 2: 5 ea. M1D and MMV3
    week 3: 6 M1D, 5 MMV3
    week 4: 8 M1D, 5 MMV3

    So at this point I'm out of MMV3 and was planning on running M1D at 8/day for the next 2 weeks then starting Formadrol and T-911. However, when I bought the 2nd bottle of M1D it came with a free bottle of SubSterone. So now my question is should I take the SubSterone during PCT or would it be more beneficial to run it with M1D for the last 2 weeks prior to PCT.


  2. I would much rather run it with PCT, will reap the most benefits. Personally i would wait 2 weeks after starting Form/T-911 to start the Sub Sterone.

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