Alvin1 Progressive LG log !

  1. Alvin1 Progressive LG log !

    Ok here is my LG stack and progessive log for the up and comming fews months.

    LG GHenerate 2 pumps per day 5 days on 2 days off ( started last week, on monday I would have been using it for 2 weeks )

    Next monday

    Natadrol 6 or 8 caps per day will see depend on the imput I get.

    After 2 weeks incorporate Substerone 2 the mix

    another 2 weeks donw the road, was thinking addding Anadraulic state or T-911. Since I have 2 T-911 I would use it in the last 4 weeks of Natadrol and continue in for PCT.

    Any input welcome
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  2. Stack
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  3. Nice man, i'm thinking someone has been hitting up the specials floating around.

    I have some ideas for protocol, but first: what is your goal for the next few months?

  4. Ha ha yes !! I want to sheed some fat without sacryfing lean mass ! less say about 1 to 2 pounds per week so sheed about 15 pounds of fat.

  5. Updated

    2 weeks into Ghenerate:

    So far of course better sleep, bit increase libido, crazy dream at night, better pump when use pre workout, increase hunger after am dose.

    Started two take 2 caps of Natadrol on sunday night, I have took 6 caps on monday and 6 caps today, temper and agression already up, libido also ! Look promising !

  6. Great feedback already. Since you have plenty of Natadrol i would start a week @ 6 caps and then bump to 8 caps. I'd run the t-911 after you use up the Natadrol. As far as Sub Sterone goes... i'd actually run that after the t-911. Natadrol will already give you a nice boost, and you could prolong the supp usage by not running Sub Sterone too soon. That way you still have a bit of a pick-me-up while cutting cals. Just my 2 cents.

  7. Well the Sub sterone writte up said that to use it with M1D, Natadrol to increase the effectiveness !

    On another note, I dont know if Natadrol is supose to be more androgenic than anabolic, but I feel like on my previous MMV2 run, meaning I feel more alert during the day, and dont need to take coffe !

  8. I would HIGHLY rec you run M1Dwith the natadrol, i liked it. also i would rec Need2slin from NTBM to help keep fat off/maybe lose some.
    i would rec 4-6caps of M1D along with 8 caps natadrol ed for atleast 8 weeks.
    just my 0.2 cents.
    its not needed. but i found it very nice.
    LG Sciences Board Rep
    These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA, do not constitute medical advice, and are not official or authorized comments by LG Sciences, LLC.

  9. Blerg thank you for the advice but I will stick to my original plan

    Ok after 2 full weeks on Natadrol:

    Increase strenght, weight or number of reps done with the same weight every workout. Hunger as stabilize, libido is normal nothing to report, better pump also. The other day I was putting the baby car seat in the car, and just by fighting with the strap I had a real nice pump. Look leaner some day, urine is not as clear as before, event do I stil drink a **** load every day. Temper is still up late in the day around 6 pm, after work when I am tire. I am short fuse, more than normaly.

    I am one week into Substerone, recovery is up and endurance also, I am killing my workout. One more week to go and I will and T-911 to shred it !

  10. sounds great! keep it up! :-)
    LG Sciences Board Rep
    These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA, do not constitute medical advice, and are not official or authorized comments by LG Sciences, LLC.

  11. Ok sorry for the lack of update,

    I am done with my 2 bottles of substerones, hum.....can say much about it , I did 2 bottles, but by the time I started my second bottle I also had started T-911. From the first bottle ( + GHenerate and Natadrol ) I have not feel anything to speak of. When I added T-911, 3 or 4 days latter I could tell the difference, but fom my first 2 weeks run alone from Substerone I have nothing to repport. Endurance, strenght continue to climb or hold off, like it was during the first 4 weeks alone with Natadrol. So for me I will not buy Substerone again, cause there is no clear indication it had any benefit on my training, or the way I look.

    T-911 I am finishing my first bottle at 3 caps per day. After 3-4 days I started to feel it, I could see a difference in the mirroir, I look leaner and dryer, libiddo did increase also, motivation also.

    I had my free test and estrogen check before my Natarol start 6 weeks ago, in about 4 days I plan to get my free test and estrogen check to see if there is and impact on it after 7 weeks of Natadrol and 25 days on T-911. I will post results here.

  12. humm odd, alot seem tolike the sub-strone. but i will say i went tthough 2bottles in 5 weeks and i did notice some help, just not much. it is a very mild compound. but i would deff rec it with M1D and also possibly natadrol for 8 weeks.
    thankyou for the review. :-)
    LG Sciences Board Rep
    These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA, do not constitute medical advice, and are not official or authorized comments by LG Sciences, LLC.

  13. not everyone will react the same, but im happy you liek some of our products. :-)
    LG Sciences Board Rep
    These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA, do not constitute medical advice, and are not official or authorized comments by LG Sciences, LLC.

  14. Blerg no worrie it have been a great run none the less. Maybe it is because Natadrol is a stronger anticatabolic supplement that I did not feelt a lot of improuvement from Substerone ?

    Bad new there will not be blood test, it look like I need a new doctor paper/request to get a blood work event if I want to pay from my pocket !!! No way I am going to go wait at 5 am in the morning to get in a 8 am, to get an appointment with a doc, plus he will be saying: you used supplements and want to see if the impact your test ?! I can imagine is face ! I also went to see in a private clinic, 400 $ to become a patient, 100 $ per 10 minutes consultantion + 25 $ for the blood test no way I am paying 525 $ to get my test check again Sorry !

  15. Ok so here is the reviews of this stack I finished a few weeks back.

    Natadrol : Increase hunger, focus and drive from this product, leaning out, more thirsty, small increase in strength, recover quickly from workout. I would buy again, but for me MMV2 is far superior in my book and have zero side effects as per Natardol, so if MMV3 is as potent as MMV2 I don t see myself running Natadrol in the future.

    GHenerate: Great pump, great sleep, crazy ass dream. Great price ! Will run again for sure.

    Substerone: Did not notice anything from it , was already on Natadrol and GHenerate that produce better workout recuperation and capacity, so the effect of Substerone if any would have been mask by more potent product. Might have to use it al alone to see if it really effect my workout or body composition.

    T-911: Great little test booster, made me loose more fat, and increase libido big time, will buy again since it is really well priced.

    Did not end up runnuing the anadraulic state since I had enought test boosting supplements, but I know it is a kick ass product since I ran it before and did review it also, for thoses interessted in it.


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