LG MMv3 and Saw Palmetto

  1. LG MMv3 and Saw Palmetto

    I'm sure this has come up in the past but I was wondering if I could get a little assistances in gaining some information on LG MMv3 and how it will affect my hair line. I'm concerned with the loss of hair; I've taken CEL H-Drol in the past and I really didn't notice hair loss; doesn't mean I didn't do anything to speed up the process. I wanted to try LG MMv3 since it doesn't tax the liver too hard but I really do not want to promote hair loss. Would supplementing saw palmetto be a good idea to block DHT or will this inhibit the gains of MMv3? Any help you could provide would be great.


  2. Well considering saw palmetto is a 5aReductase inhibitor i would probably hold off on it. I don't think that MMV3 will effect your hairline really. My recommendation would be to buy something like Inhibit-e and run it at 25mg a day.

  3. I haven't noticed anybody getting massive shredding with androsterone products. Opt for pumpkin seed oil and nettle root to run along side it for increased hair protection.

  4. I have not heard of people having this issue with MMV3, most seem to like it.
    If you ave MPB then it could speed it up.
    all steroids would do in any case is speed up whats already happening, they dont acually cause hair loss.
    if yournot losing any due to MPB then id say your ok. if yoru conserned and losing it and cant deal with it yet (letting hair go) then I would say maybe look into somthing else to use like IGF1LR3 or need2slin or even possible t-911 from lg to help with workouts?
    just my 0.2 :-)
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