Can I add a stack (Trifecta/Natty) with weekly inj of TEST Enanthate? Please help

  1. Can I add a stack (Trifecta/Natty) with weekly inj of TEST Enanthate? Please help

    Weekily injections of TEST Enanthate can I add a small stack to this? LG SCIENCES
    First i am 36 y/o male who has put on 35lbs in the past year 6'5 256 lbs currently(was 219 at time of injury and could run 6-7 miles daily and lift heavy. due to being injured in Afghanistan (not allowed to do PT) It has been almost 1 1/2 yrs since injury and am now on HRT (TEST ENANTHATE) 1 ML weekly injected into thigh or buttocks, My question is prior to injury I was on the trifecta stack and had to stop due to injuries. I am now physically able to start working out again and have decided to gio with the "insanity" workout. My preworkout will be JACK3D, I waswondering if I could just stack the Methyl 1D and formodrol to enhance what the TEST will be doing for me. If so what should I dose at and will the Formodrol work as an AI inhibitor to block estrogen production from the weekly injections(like clomid does), would I possibly see significant gains? or would this plan completely work against itself? I also have a few bottles of Natadrol would that be better than the METHYL? Prior to my injury I had a great experience with both stacks and but now the TEST injections are making me wonder, any advice is appreciated. I also still have bottles of the Methyl Masterdrol would this be ok? I guess I am just curious if i can start stacking again with the TEST injections. I am just trying to get close to where I was and I am aware that with some of my physical limitations that may not be possible but I can only hope for the best. if there is a LG Science rep that could help I would appreciate it. or maybe even throw me some product my way I know im dreaming but it never hurts to ask!) Thanks guys this is the best site to get reliable no B.S info. Stephen (BTW I am waiting for the V.A to pick me up into their system so i can go see another ENDO Dr.
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  2. ok maybe I should shorten this up lol, Can I use Formodrol to block estrogen production from the TEST Enanthate? or will that make my TEST levels shyrocket to the unsafe levels? Second can I start using the Methyl 1D again with these weekly injections? and if so what would the recommended dosages be? Thanks.

  3. I don't have an issue with you using Formadrol on cycle, the use of an AI is fine, especially if you're worried about a gyno flare up or bloating. Your endogenous test will be shut down, so the AI won't have some ridiculous impact on test. As far as adding M1-D to your cycle... you could, but i feel like it would simply be a drop in the bucket when on Test E. I would much rather save it for a future date when you're not on test.

  4. I appreciatre the info, as for being on cycle I am not due to my injury in Afghanistan my body has stopped producing TEST and that is why I am now on weekly injections. This is why I am so concerned about GYNO because I am on TEST E long term and already have some bloat and just want to try to stop it before it gets worse. So you think the Formodrol would be strong enough to help stop the conversion to EST? Thank you.

  5. Well if you're being prescribed test because your HPTA is all screwed up your doctor should be giving you something else. I would assume something like HCG or deffinitely Aromasin. Aromasin would be what i would take on cycle, then you'll need some sort of PCT. Formadrol won't really do much for you, you'll need something stronger in my opinion. But again, this is something you need to discuss in detail with an endocrinologist. They shouldn't just be prescribing you Test E, you should have support along with it.



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