ASGT,Records,Videos LOG! LG Science Sponsored Powerlifter

  1. ASGT,Records,Videos LOG! LG Science Sponsored Powerlifter

    A lot of us have used or have heard of Anadraulic State. Now a brief little history what would happen when I tell people I use AS. They tell me, wait that stuff tasted like crap! aww man that **** is nasty how did you drink it. Well I have been taking supplements for a long time and I could remember hundreds of old amino,protein, creatine drinks that were just horrible in taste! I told them just mix more water per serving and used 1 an a half scoops. I thought when I was using the product this is the best pre ever. Yea the taste wasn't good but when you trained you felt in control, confident, i thought this supplement is very good and it didn't make me jittery. So when I find out LG was coming out with a new version I was very happy and couldn't wait to try it.

    So the day comes I try the new AS-GT now its Anadraulic State GT "great tasting" and I was like its good ok i can drink it. Yea it was a lot better then the old version, but I still thought it could be better.
    Then fruit punch was released and I was like this is great. Didn't taste like it was all sucrose like other pre-workouts and that's what I liked about AS-GT. I also just mixed it with a spoon and it mixed perfect. thanks Cassie she gave me the secret mixing technique.

    I have been using AS-GT both flavors for over a year and a half. And I have hit some big PRs. I would like to share videos of myself,friends and anyone who has any video they took of a record, personal record, any moment that was done while taking The State.

    I will be posting videos daily so please post some of yours.

    I have a log on my training if your interested into following my training for the biggest powerlifting meets in the World. its in training logs P.A.V. Training.

  2. well looks like I can start posting some videos now.


    First time hitting #650 And about a couple weeks of using the first Anadraulic State. 1 an a half scoops was perfect for me.

    Date: Nov 2009


    11-29-09 Reverse GREEN bands. 875lb off a 2brd

    50lb PR just missed at the top.

    End of Nov 2009 and as you can see my strength is increasing.

  5. You are a strong guy. Keep up the training and keep the videos coming!
    2nd Samuel 23:9-10


    Working on Speed and now I'm using Anadraulic State GT Strawberry/Lemonade
    385x1 rep Raw
    March 2010

  7. YouTube - Jeff Johnston Bench Training #750 off a 2brd

    #750 off a 2brd and as you can see within a couple months my shirt bench is moving up nice also. Now I'm using the same training, same shirt just using Anadraulic State GT as a Pre-workout and BC+EAA and Postal. Strength and Recovery is remarkable.

    March 2010


    Here is a video in June of me doing #130 dumbbells for 8 paused reps off a box.

    June 10th

    Still using only 1 scoop of AS-GT


    First time Benching #700 so as you can see my strength gains are coming along well.

    used 2scoops AS-GT just cause I wanted the extra power for the big meet.



    #690 bench press good lift

    July 3rd
    Still getting PR's from Anadraulic State GT


    Big PR #[email protected]

    1st place at the Sweatte Shop Bench for Cash.
    Was a honor to be on the same stage as Westside Barbell and Win!!

    July 3 2010


    Training at Detroit Barbell and turned on all the lifters to Anadraulic State gt and BC+EAA, Postal. They all use LG Science products over the years and really like these 3

    Big raw PR #330lbs with #120 in chains
    Aug 17 2010
    As you can see coming up on a year and still hitting PR's with 1-1.5 scoops of Anadraulic State GT


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