natadrol log question will log!

  1. natadrol log question will log!

    i am going to run a natadrol log i am looking to bulk i have a bottle gehenerate i am looking for AS MUCH ADVISE AS I CAN GET FOR THIS I WILL LOG EVERYTHING please give me advice
    i am 5'9.5-5'10 i weghg 196-200 depends what i eat got my bf looked at a week ago nd it was 13.6%

  2. What do you want to know? I've run Natadrol cycle once and started started another cycle two days ago.

    Keep an eye for prostate problems, some users have reported those issues. I never experienced anything like it but who knows, maybe you're prone to issues like that..

    Drink a lot of water. Take 12 sprays of GHenerate before bed because Natadrol may disturb your sleep (at least it did it for me).

    For your size I would recommend 8 caps/day. I'm a lot smaller than you and I'm taking 6 caps/day for 40 days. You'll need 3 bottles and it will last for 45 days at 8 caps/day.

    Formadrol should be sufficient enough for PCT. I don't know if there is need to taper the dosage down but I will do it in order to eliminate possible estrogen rebound. 4 weeks at 4/3/2/1 should be fine.

    Eat big and lift big! Consume at least 1,5g of protein per pound of bodyweight. Good luck for your cycle, I'll be following when you start the log!

  3. how much do u think it will help me gain weghit nd strength wise?

  4. Quote Originally Posted by maddog28 View Post
    how much do u think it will help me gain weghit nd strength wise?
    I don't know, everyone reacts differently.. And it depends on your history with ph's and aas. I gained about 8lbs of weight and my strength went through the roof and I didn't have previous experiences about stronger stuff.. Now it's day 4 of my second cycle with Natadrol and my weight is already up 1.3lbs. I beated my previous PR on deadlift yesterday too.

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