natadrol kit

  1. natadrol kit

    hey all been looking for a new product to try. i have been away for almost 4 years from any AAS/PH/PS. i was looking at AMS products of 1Ad and 4ad, but natadrol caught my eye and was really looking for someones oppinions on the stack for cutting and possibly running the masterdrol with it as well. thanks in advance

  2. i got a sealed bottle ready for shipping for $20 if interested. might as well try the product first; right?

  3. Hey man, you should definitely try this stack. I'm on my 2nd week right now (6caps/day) and so far so good. No major results yet but noticed some leaning out effect and down 2lbs. 170-168. also notice some strength increase on my lifts which is good thing. stacking it with ASGT, GHenerate and bc+eaa and the pumps are awesome.

  4. It's good stuff indeed. I gained 8,5lbs in less than 6 weeks and strength went trough the roof!

  5. quick question, would it be okay to add in a diuretic supp. like expel along with the natadrol? thanks.



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