What To Do Different?

  1. What To Do Different?

    Hi guys.... I started the trifecta stack about 2 1/2 weeks ago and still nothing. I feel no different, look no differen and it's very frustrating. The most frustration thing is that this is my second time doing the trifecta... The first go around was great! Great pumps, great workout.... Now nothing?!? Ugh, my diet is the same as last time, just like everything else. Any suggestions?!? Thanks!

  2. how are you dosing it?

  3. Also, maybe youve platueaud. Are you trying to recomp, cut, put on size?

  4. Dosing is 5 mmv3 (2 pre workout, 2 mid day and 1 pre sleep) and 6 m 1-d (2 pre workout, 2 mid day and 2 pre sleep). Perhaps I have hit my peak, I'm trying to add some lean mass, up strength. I'm just frustrated with this product now. Loved it before, but I guess I'll have to try another stack down the road.

  5. you say you have done a cycle before....how long ago?
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  6. You're 210lbs so I hope you're eating enough!

  7. Maybe switch up your workout routine.
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  8. I did my first Trifecta cycle about 8 months ago. Loved it... I felt on top of the world in the gym, pumps were amazing... This time around has been the opposite. I'm almost done with my first 4 weeks and I still am waiting for something to happen. I started out circuit training, but switched to heavier weights and less reps. I'm trying anything basically. The only thing I could think of is not enough water. I am a sales rep and I travel all day long, making it hard for me to find bathrooms, lol. Anyways, I think I'll up my water per day.. Thanks for the responses guys! Happy lifting!!!

  9. [/B]Advice please!!! Im starting a trifecta stack cycle tomorrow. Im 6ft 2inch and 267pounds im muscular with a slight gut and not much definition. When i workout i tend to just bulk up and do not get cut much, i always lift heavy and only do 8eps max weight. Would it help to throw in more reps and less weight along my heavy weight training. Im 28 and have trained 5yrs and have used dbol, deca, test cyp etc with no pct!, but i just go huge and look bloated, maybe due to diet, partying and just bein a young dumb ****er back then. This time iv quit alcohol and eat correct and spot train my muscle groups, what i wanna know is has anyone used Trifecta Stack and had good results??? As i said i dont need to go huge and i wanted a low side affect stack with low eostrogen side effects as i have slight psuedogynecomastia due to bein overweight!! Im ready to stop doing the shuffle truffle and get serious. Any tips and help i would much appreciate!!! Nice one


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