Question on natadrol pills

  1. Question on natadrol pills

    I'm thinking of purchasing natadrol. However, my body just doesn't let me swallow pills - be it paracetamol or supplement pills, it just won't. Hence, I'm wondering if it's ok to smash the pills and take the powder with water?


  2. I don't know about crushing them, I'm sure a Rep will answer.

    Can you stick one in a spoonful of peanut butter, yogurt or something like that to at least get it down?

  3. I can't swallow capsules either. However, I did run a natadrol cycle (took the powder with water) and get really good results, so it doesn't matter if you eat the capsule or not.

  4. i actually dose a lot of things in coconut oil.
    just dump the cap in a spoonful of coconut oil and swallow.
    the oils help a lot of things absorb better/faster, especially the mct's in coconut oil.
    however, if the natadrol is a water extract of tribulus alatus (??? i think this is what is in natadrol, just dunno if it is the water extract ???) then mixing it in water would be best.
    i mix my tongkat ali water extract and divanill in water, makes a sort of tea, and down this in the morning with some quercetin and also some bioperine, again to help with absorption.

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