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    Written By: Adam Upton Christmas has come early…at least for me! As some of you may know, weight loss surgery can only get you so far. As I have preached from day one, it is a TOOL and it is not a guaranteed way for a person to lose weight and be able to keep the weight off. Weight loss surgery has actually failed many people, one most notable person being celebrity Carnie Wilson. Carnie battled obesity her entire life and at 300 pounds, she decided to have Gastric Bypass Surgery (the same procedure I had). Carnie would eventually gain back all of her weight and then attempted to diet again and again, always failing. So many people have gone down this road before and ultimately give up. The advice I give people, is to remember that it takes hard work, diet and exercise, but supplementation is KEY to weight loss. That being said, I am so pleased and grateful to announce that LG Sciences has come out with a new supplement that I believe will rock the industry…Rezolution! And at this time of year, what better name for something that will help you get the body you’ve always wanted!

    Since I have kept up with the supplement industry for the past decade, I have stayed on top of what works and what doesn’t. That’s why I was so excited to read what ingredients are in Rezolution!

    Each pill contains an AWESOME complex of not only weight loss components, but what they have deemed, “feel good” components. I did some research on the ingredients, recalling most of the information from memory. Rezolution has a dopamine complex in it, and dopamine has always been regarded as the chemical associated with pleasure in the brain. So right off the bat, we can tell that Rezolution is gonna make me feel good! And that’s without even addressing the weight loss components it contains!

    Rezolution has Bitter Orange 20% Synephrine…weird name, GREAT results. Synephrine is similar to Ephedrine, which is similar to the popular banned supplement, Ephedra. As any avid supplement taker will tell you, Ephedra was the best weight loss supplement on the planet….UNTIL NOW! In the beginning, people could take Ephedra in combination with caffeine for a lasting energetic effect that would also promote fat loss and have thermogenic properties within. Well, seeing as how ephedra is now illegal, LG Sciences has come out with what I wouldn’t call, “the next best thing”….I call it THE best thing!

    We’re talking caffeine, Synephrine, 1,3 Dimethylamylamine, and others. And if that’s not enough, it even has 5-HTP! For those of you unfamiliar with 5-HTP, it has been used widely as an appetite suppressant, anti-depressant and even as a sleep aid. Having taken the majority of each of these ingredients before, I can tell you first hand THEY WORK!

    Think of Rezolution this way: A peanut butter sandwich is good…but a peanut butter and jelly sandwich is GREAT! Rezolution is the same way…it takes each of these ingredients, which are good on their own, and puts them all together in just ONE pill, making it GREAT! The synergism, or the way that the ingredients react with each other, is going to give you that long lasting, energetic effect throughout the day. This means better work ethic, better moods and the best part, more energy for those grueling workouts that many of you, like myself, have to endure AFTER putting in a full 8 hours of work everyday! What makes Rezolution even better, is the fact that it has the dopamine components as well. This means that when you’re done with the day and start winding down, the 5-HTP and other ingredients will allow you to sleep a good, full night’s sleep, meaning you’ll be well rested for the next day!

    So, Christmas has come early for me, seeing as how I just discovered Rezolution has been created, made and is ready for the public!!! I can’t wait to get it when it comes out!

  5. Thanks for putting this up Jeff!, im going to also place it in the promo section.



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