Thinking Of Bringing M1P Back Out

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    Quote Originally Posted by Liftergym33 View Post
    Being looked into big time!, just spoke with Eric about it
    Amen my child !!!!!

  2. m1p

    Comming out soon?

  3. I am new here to the board but I have to say, this product is what won me over to LG Science about 3 or 4years ago. I stacked this along with Methyl Masterdrol and experienced big gains. It was my senior year in highschool and I played football with a pretty heavy workout plan. I was 18 at the time weighing in at 160. Benching 285 and squatting 405. After 1cycle which was right over 1month, I weighed in at 168 benching 295 and cant remember squats. I had peaked out and ended up buying this stack to push me more. I couldnt believe it. Added 8lbs of lean mass in one month and I felt like a new person. Literally, I could not believe how much of an animal I was after just 1month. Anyways, Long post but I cant wait till they bring this back because this stack won me over and I have only used LG Science since then!

  4. i would be a guaranteed buyer if this came back out.


  6. Bring it Back!! I would love to run it before a powerlifting meet!

  7. Quote Originally Posted by BOSSisback82 View Post
    i would be a guaranteed buyer if this came back out.

  8. Well, we just have to see if it is in the cards for us. Depends what GNC and Vitamin Shoppe say...

    LG kept the progestin that is all anabolic and zero androgenic and zero progestational. So, it's a progestin skeleton that is 100% anabolic with almost no androgenic sides...

  9. sounds cool, wondering how this compares with the trifecta stack?

  10. I would try it, any body know any good bulking prohormones? already did the tri fecta??


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