Help with ASGT

  1. Help with ASGT

    I was curious if any reps have any ideas of how to use ASGT.
    By that i mean when i use the product as directions state, 30-60min pre-wo i usually crash about 60min into my workout. My training usually includes 15-30min of warm-up depending on the day, max effort days take about 30 with all the warm-up sets i have to do and the 10min warm-up cardio i do. So that means after my warm-ups and 30min of actuall hard lifting i kinda crash and really have to push myself to finish the rest at peak preformance.
    Here is my typical schedule:
    Pre-Wo Meal
    45g protein,80-100g carbs, 5-10g fats
    1.5hrs before i start my workout

    then about 45min b4 the workout i have 1 scoop ASGT, 1.5g ALCAR, 3g Cit Mal, 1g Green Tea, 5g BCAA and sip for about 15min

    any and all help would be appreciated

  2. Lou, I take my ASGT one half hr before I train, along with some green tea and beta alinine. During my workout, I sip my purple wraath and bcaa's. My energy is sustained throughout my two hr workout.

  3. Lou have you tried upping dose to see how that affects you?

  4. your crashing? Ive never seen this nor heard of anyone crashing off of ASGT.. but hey, not saying it cant happen.. I would dose it closer to your workout. I drink mine about 15 mins before i leave for the gym. i also use about 2.5 scoops.... dose it closer and see how you feel bro.

  5. Something is not right here and I think it is one of two things: you need 1.5-2 scoops of AS-GT due to size/stim tolerance OR it is you insulin sensitivity causing you to crash before your workout. I don't know what kind of carbs you take in but if I have that many, even with say 1 PSlin or 2 Recompadrol I will feel run down an hour and a half later. More over, you may find that taking in about 20 grams of MCTs (Coconut oil and/or Olive oil) in place of the carbs will give you better sustained energy. I say that because I was like you, ate carbs with a GDA before and would be tired when I got to the gym. Turns out I need a fat source to have sustained energy during my workouts. Once I did this I have been able to tear up even the longest workouts and leaned out significantly.

    One last thought is this, you may not get the stim feeling because of the food not being completely digested in your stomach thus blunting the stim effect. Meaning, if you up your dose to 2 scoops it should offset the "crash" you say you are getting. Play with a few of these ideas and let us know.
    If my direct and cynical approach bothers you, just ignore it. I'm just saying what you need to hear ;).

  6. well ive worked up to 1.5 scoops once, that killed my stomach...i assume the psarm is what did it since the old AS made me crash and up set stomach too.
    And i never feel tired after eating my food, ive been doing it for awhile and with other pre-wos i do ok and never crash or whatnot.
    But i LOVE the aggression of this product and since im powerlifting i can use it and want to experience what everyone was saying about it.
    I figure its the carbs in asgt?
    but ill try to dose it 30min pre-wo with ALCAR and Tyrosine to help. i only do one scoop because i DO get the stim effect i just crash really early and it cuts the workout short


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