need to help so I can determine whether or not to reinvest in ghenerate.

I am not lifting at the present time due to my schedule. I have been taking this for a little over three weeks now. I read reviews where people said it helped them sleep and they noticed a difference in musculature within about a week of using this.

I not really sure if I'm getting much from it. I think it helped me fall asleep 2 days out of the current cycle. I don't really feel different or look different. I guess I was just using to help with complexion, mood, energy, and to help maintain lean muscle mass.

I thought GH was something you had to take for a long duration to develop results but it seems like people are getting results immediately.

Realistically, what can I expect from using this while having a sedentary lifestyle? Should I continue to use it to see if it gives any benefits?

I read your guys blog about how this in combo with ur Igh1 product will raise GH over 1000%. How is this increase in comparison to taking real GH supplementation? Can I expect similar results? Do you guys have any clinical trials for just ghenerate alone? Will you guys publish your study or is it available to the public? I would love to read it.

I tried messaging one of your reps a few weeks ago about some inquiries but he never responded.

Would appreciate your input. Thanks.