Trifecta Contest!!!

  1. Trifecta Contest!!!

    Trick or Treat for LG Sciences Weekly give away in in October.

    Win the Trifecta ladies!

    Page 14, Post 398.

    Let's get apps in..may have to ones puttin apps in, are you kidden me!?!?!? This is for the whole stack!

  2. Am I allowed to participate in this contest although I don't live in US?

  3. yes me too. Im a big LG fan from da UK!

  4. Quote Originally Posted by saggy321 View Post
    yes me too. Im a big LG fan from da UK!
    I received PM from MrKleen73 and he said that they don't ship these abroad. I don't know what's the case with other companies.. I think I will buy Trifecta by myself, 79GBP (91,5) is not too much for a complete kit with PCT and I have positive experience from LG products (currently running Natadrol and have gained 7lbs in two and half weeks)

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