ASGT is solid-thanks for great product (and price!)

  1. ASGT is solid-thanks for great product (and price!)

    Before I commented on this product I wanted to give it enough time for this to see what it could do. I dont use anything PW other than a supp as I get up early to work out. 3 small kids so time is limited. Second week on it and NO placebo. Pushups, peck deck, tri bar and preachers PR. I always push hard in the gym so for me to beat PR by 2-3 reps/set is a BIG deal fellas. Ordered another tub. Just wanted to say great product. I have used Jackd (which is ok as well) and made my own PW mix from bulk powders but ASGT is doing a superior job in getting me to lift more. i dont get a stim buzz effect; which i find appealing. A lot of people (IMO) are drawn in by hype and sometimes feedback is given by the marketing persuasion but in this case, your product is solid. Thanks LG.

  2. Thanks for the feedback!

  3. great feed back my friend!!
    Working on living

  4. Stoked you are pleased with it.
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