ghenerate and i-gh-1 quick question

  1. ghenerate and i-gh-1 quick question

    so been on the ghenerate for awhile now since i did my natadrol stack,this week started my formadol i got like maybe half a bottle left of the ghenerate and was looking into getting the i-gh-1 as well soon.what do you think i should do.finish the ghererate then get both?how long should i stay on the ghererate,would 2 str8 bottles be too much?and how many to take of i-gh-1,i seen some say just 1 a day or the recommend 4-7 a day.thanks

  2. You can get a good deal on both. I would say get at least 2 months worth of both, so buy another bottle of GHenerate and I-GH-1. Check out my log in my sig!

  3. yeah,im liking the ghenerate,but that **** last a while,i think i been on it for like a good 2months already and have like half the bottle still,so running to str8 bottles is fine?also what should i does the 1-gh-1 at?

  4. Dose I-GH-1 2 caps, per day. 1 before noon and 1 before bed. It has real good synergy with GHenerate. That will last 50 days.

  5. nice,imma give a shot real soon,monies kinda a tight,maybe i'll finish the GH first then 2 weeks off and try them both?

  6. No, stay on them, GH release increases slowly each day. Once you hit your peak of GH release post workout and bedtime, you want to maintain that. If you get off, your GH release will revert back to normal and you will have to build it up again.

  7. ok good to know,i'll wait till i almost run out then buy another one and add the 1-gh-1.or should i try to add the 1-gh-1 asap?

  8. They work better together. I say finish that GHenerate and buy the GHenerate/I-GH-1 combo and then take them together.

  9. sweet,sounds like a plan.then i guess atfer i finish those break or run them both again?


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