M1D-pSarm Stacking Question

  1. M1D-pSarm Stacking Question

    What would be good to stack with M1D-pSarm? More along the lines of a semi cut....just lose a few lbs and gain a little muscle. Is M1D-pSarm strong enough as a T-booster or could I possibly stack another T-booster with it.... say phyto-test or bioforge pro max? Thanks for the help

  2. Anyone??? What about a M1D-pSarm + Formadrol Extreme XL + Phyotest?

  3. Quote Originally Posted by 350zTT View Post
    Anyone??? What about a M1D-pSarm + Formadrol Extreme XL + Phyotest?
    You could run that stack, it would be a pretty good one. I've never ran Phyto-test, but you should be fine with that.

    It might be slightly excessive though, you might run the M1DPsarm with the Phytotest, then run the Formadrol directly afterwards, giving you an 8 week run rather than a 4 weeker. You'll make more gains that way.
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  4. I would do M1D-pSarm, natadrol, and take Formadrol Extreme XL at the end for a pct.
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