DW's ASGT Review

  1. DW's ASGT Review

    Here is what LG claims their produt may improve and I'll give, from my view point, how well ASGT performed on it on a scale of 1-10 with a little explenation.

    Endurance and Energy: 9/10
    Reason I didn't give it a 10....well because i dont like to give them bc then there's no room for higher expectations! I think this is where ASGT shined. I had great energry with no jitters form this stuff. I was never dragging at the end of my workout/cardio sessions either.

    Pumps and Muscle Density: 8/10
    I got great pumps. I did use LG Anadraulic Pump also, but i didnt always remember to use it and pumps were always great. I would stay feeling fuller for longer than with most supplements.

    Fat loss and Vascularity: 5/10
    I didn't really see much fat loss from this, but i wasn't really gearing my diet that way either. I was more focused on a recomp so to speak and I may have lost a little but nothing much worth mentioning. Vascularity with me has never been great and this didn't change that much

    Testosterone Output: N/A
    I dont know if it improved test output, i was more gigity gigity goo

    Sexual Stamina and Performance: 8/10
    I go with 8 because this is mainly a pre-workout supp and A LOT do nothing in the sexual department, this one did.

    Muscle Growth and Muscle Quality:8.5/10
    My shirt are a little tigher than they were a few weeks ago, I know I was recomping and didn't loss much, if any fat, but I do know i put on muscle size that should be easily maintined.

    Now for personal things I look for in a pre-workout supp

    Taste: 6/10
    Didn't really taste "good" but wasn't "bad" either so i'll give it a slight edge tword a 10 from average because it smells realyl good.

    Price per effective dose: 10/10
    1 scoop worked great for me and i'm over 200lbs. If i wanted to get crazy 1.5 was good enough, 2 scoops would be perfect for a hard leg day and would really get you going.

    -Carbs, I know their is science behind it but people dont like carbs. I dont really care for extra carbs and 2 scoops gives about 15grams.

    Overall I was really impressed with this stuff. I do not usually use pre-workout drinks but I will be using this in the future. I have honestly not hit it that hard in the gym in a while. Even with the use of Postal I was sore for the next few days. My reovery has never been top notch but i was really sore in places I dont usually get like Bi's, Shoulders, and Lats. I never had a bad workout while using ASGT. I also love that their major creatine in this is Mono, the god fother, the holy grail. **** that new creatine, give me whats cheap and works!
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  2. As far as a stack w/ Postal. I think this is the best pre/post one i've used before.

    I forgot to add that. I've used.....
    -SuperPump 250/SizeON
    -White Flood+Magnitude/Golden Finish
    -Vasocharge/their WMS+creatine+glutamine+X-Tend
    -I've used a combo of other stuff too....this was by far the best
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  3. glad to see this beats out sp/size on stack (as well as the rest) that really speaks volume for the newest additions to the LG Sciences line!
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  4. hmmm...I'm not really a "supplement guy" any more but you're making it hard to resist ASGT.

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