pro hormone question

  1. pro hormone question

    How do you take a prohormone safely and effectively?

  2. u do countless hours of research - lookin at different compounds and reading other peoples logs and when u have done enough research u will know how 2 take it effectively but nothin is ever "safe"

  3. Quote Originally Posted by glax200 View Post
    How do you take a prohormone safely and effectively?
    1. It depends on your age.
    2. It's going to need a PCT (Post Cycle Therapy)
    3. It's only really used to break platuea's
    4. You are going to need to cycle it
    5. Why did you post this in the LG Sciences section?

  4. protecting body on and in PCT imo. taking oral steriods isnt really safe tho
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  5. sorry didnt mean to post this in the lg sciences a 3 week cycle enough with a 3 week test booster PCT and taking milk thistle



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