Formadrol Extreme, DAA and Andraulic State GT

  1. Formadrol Extreme, DAA and Andraulic State GT

    Hi guys,

    Just entered Trifecta PCT with formadrol extreme, started buld DAA and finally received my Andraulic State GT. Will stack all three over the next few weeks. Seems like it should be a pretty good stack with plenty of synergy between them and no real overlap.

    Will keep ypu updated.

  2. Excellent, looking forward to your feedback. Formadrol is a pct staple and a must have, DAA is showing itself to be very useful in a post cycle application as well. Couple that with the intensity brought forth from ASGT and I foresee good things!
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  3. Just ended my first week of PCT with formadrol extreme, buld DAA and now ASGT. Put on 2 lbs whilst reducing calories and increasing CV to 40 mins post workout!! Can't believe it...was expecting to have lost weight as I've lost fat!!

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