formadrol/ m1d?

  1. formadrol/ m1d?

    hi guys long time reader first time poster im just finishing a 4 week run of formadrol(standalone) and wow, super impressed, strength and mass are both up, and im leaner. my question is this how long should i wait after the form to start running m1d?

  2. You can start running it right away.

  3. Im not huge on jumping from one hormonal supp to the next (even if one is an AI)

    Giving your endocrine system a break is always a good idea. With that said, I know many are anxious to make the best gains they can and dont always think of longevity. The choice is yours, but you may want to consider giving your body a month off of testosterone altering supplements before starting up your M1D cycle.
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  4. Thanks for the replies guys, as much as i dont want to i will probly wait a month before i start the m1d, and based on some of the posts ive been reading maybe a natadrol/m1d stack is the way to go..

  5. Swolen makes a very good point, and he's probably absolutely right.

    Personally i don't terrible difficulty switching from an AI to the slightly suppresive M1D.

    If you've been taking formadrol for 4 weeks, and you only plan on taking a 4 week cycle of M1D, 8 weeks on test altering supplements is not a stretch of anyone's imagination.

  6. yeah, im going into my 4th week or formadrol. perhaps i will split the difference and take 2 weeks off before i start the m1d. either way i will let you guys know how it treats me. thanks again.


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