Ghenerate Cycling Question

  1. Ghenerate Cycling Question

    I am nearing the end of my bottle of Ghenerate and was wondering how long I should cycle off of it for.

  2. depends on how long you are going to run it. With all HGH supps if you are running short term, then daily is fine. But for anything over a month IMHO, one needs to do the 5-2 cycle. Take 2 days off weekly, and then you can extend it as long as you wish. That 2 days gives the body well enough time to remember how to produce on its own.
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  3. So if i've been doing the 5 on 2 off I can run another bottle? I was just wondering if i had to take like a month off or something like they reccommend with powerfull.

  4. with the 5-2 you can pretty much run it indef, but after about 6 months I would take a full month off.
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  5. Awesome, thanks a lot. All the naked women in my vivid dreams will be happy to hear they have a few more months with me.

  6. lol nice
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