Formadrol extreme as PCT and....

  1. Formadrol extreme as PCT and....

    Hi guys,

    Just entered my PCT of the trifecta stack. I've managed to get hold of D-aspartic acid. What do people think of stacking the two? Would work synergestically, would it not?



  2. I ran DAA and absolutely loved it. Stacking that with formadrol extreme would be an awesome stack that i feel will yield very good results.
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  3. Why don't they incorporate D-Aspartic acid into Formadrol or T-911? Seems like it'd be worthwhile. I may give GET's Muscle 750 a go or something that has DAA in it later.

  4. I myself plan on running Primordials DAA supp with my Formadrol for my next pct.
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  5. Excellent guys. Will let you know how I get on.


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